Elephant Adventure 8: Gratitude at the End of the Day

This exercise is not much different from what I did for 30×7, in which I recorded up to three things I was grateful for at the end of each day.

In this Adventure, I recorded five things I was grateful for at the end of each day. As with last time, I was grateful for all sorts of things, large and small. Gratitude for the people in my life was a common theme, as was gratitude for who I am and what I can do.

The timing of this Adventure made for an interesting thread related to hockey, my concussion, and how I processed my new reality:

Concussion Day -2: Midweek hockey. Even if it’s ridiculously late.

Concussion Day 0: That I can be adult enough to pull myself out of hockey when I hurt myself.

Concussion Day 1: Truly facing the possibility of never playing hockey again. And being able to consider it.

Concussion Day 2: Being prepared enough to be at peace with never playing hockey again.

Concussion Day 3: More gratitude about having had hockey than sadness about having to leave it.

Concussion Day 4: Many future options now that I have newly freed energy and time from hockey.

Concussion Day 6: That I hold a positive outlook, hope, and excitement in the face of giving up hockey – something I am legitimately grieving over.

I found this quote from the final discussion to be very appropriate:

The past is gone. We cannot change its outcome, except by changing ourselves, and that can only be done in the present.

That really does sum up my week.

I am grateful for the timing of this exercise.

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  1. The timing is uncanny. I look forward to following your adventures in a future that doesn’t include hockey but does include … something new? Something different? Something else that will captivate you in similar ways, which will drive you to analyze and learn more about your body and physics and interactions in time and space with other humans?

    And I legitimately hope that your concussion symptoms ease quickly. Take care of you. Rooting for you and your brain from this coast.

    • Yes, there will be lots of new and different. And maybe some off-ice do overs. But first, rest. Then we begin.

      Thanks Megan. :)

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