For Science!

Today, for the first time in my life, I participated in a demonstration.

The same could be said for many of today’s demonstrators.

There isn’t much that can compel me to march down the street in a sea of people. Except science. And facts. And data.

Data is being deleted, facts are under attack, and research is being defunded. By our government. What the hell is going on?

So I marched. I marched for facts. I marched for science. I marched for data. I marched because “Every time Trump signs an executive order, an activist is born.”

Science not silence. We must fight this. We must resist.

But not before taking a break from the crowds after the march before returning to the rally. I am an introvert, after all.


  1. I saw a sign someone posted that said “I never thought I would be marching for science.”

    And I was sad.

    • And I meant “facts”, and for some reason your picture did not show before I posted that. And I’m going to bed.

      • I can’t even begin to grok how facts can just be… denied?!! And how alternative facts are even a thing. DO PEOPLE NOT HAVE DICTIONARIES???

        • I could rant about this for hours, but nobody deserves to be subjected to that :-) I wish I could record and share things I hear people say here, you would have a brain cramp. I have them regularly.

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