India Day 1 – Holy Smoke!

Hello from New Delhi! Aaron and I are here for a week to do some touring, followed by a 3 day Indian wedding.

We took an Air India nonstop flight from SFO to DEL. This was the longest flight I’ve ever been on. My back hurts just thinking about it. (Get off my lawn!)

In the week leading up to the trip, I’ve been checking the weather here. Google has pretty consistently been forecasting Smoke. When we touched down, we saw what that meant:

I’m not even sure how the airport remained operational with that little visibility. My throat burned when we walked outside. The entire city smells like a campfire.

We took a car straight from the airport to the hotel, but I saw so much during the drive. There were people all along the side of the road, standing, walking, crossing, seemingly randomly. The Asian squat is prevalent. It makes me feel inflexible. There was a lady walking while carrying something giant on her head. Median landscapers watered the plants manually, with large plastic jugs. The cars here are right hand drive; the roads are left hand traffic. Entire families travel on a single motorcycle; dad up front, kid in the middle, and mom in the back sitting sideways in her saree. Beggars tap on the windows at stoplights. Lanes are a suggestion. Horns are prevalent. It’s like driving in China, only 5 times more hectic.

I didn’t photo document any of it. It was dark and smokey.

And now it’s time for some much needed sleep.

I started an album for this trip here: Project Fi connectivity is pretty good so I’ll try to update as I go.

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