Velosteraptor, April Edition

It’s been a few weeks since my last Veloster post. Time for an update!

The handling is great. Surprisingly so. It’s as good as if not better than the Mazdaspeed 3. Whatever Hyundai did to stiffen up the Rally Edition, they nailed it.

The tires are crap. I cannot wait until I wear these ones down so I can have tires that grip.

People keep saying things like, “This car is fast, huh?” Actually, no. It only looks fast. The Mazdaspeed was way faster, but no one ever asked if it was fast because they all thought it was a Mazda 3.

It scratches easily. Actually, I’m not sure if it scratches any more easily than a non-matte car, but my unbuffable paint paranoia causes me to notice every scratch.

Having said that, I’m still enjoying the ease of washing… even if I have to do it myself.


  1. Veloster owner nightmare:

    *picking car up at repair shop*
    Repair guy: Yeah, we, um, we had the crew wash up your car after the repair, and umm, I don’t know if they changed soap or wax or something because it just killed the shine on the finish. We’re really sorry, but we sent it out and had it buffed and she shines like new now! Here’s the keys! Happy driving!

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