I was going to say that it was about time I had a post in this blog titled “Parkour”, but it looks like I already do.

Wow, that post was 10 years ago. Now that I’ve learned* how to mountain bike, I can finally take up parkour.

It all started with a tweet:

The ensuing conversation led me to Athletic Playground this morning for a Parkour class. I loved the space, the people, the always-a-forgiving-landing-unless-you-really-screw-up equipment.

We warmed up, then learned how to do rolls and reverse vaults, followed by a mini circuit of obstacles.

I’d never done a roll before. Learning to do one was kind of an epiphany.

I had a ton of fun, learned a bunch, and got a great workout. Pretty sure I’ll be sore tomorrow (Monday). The mark of a successful weekend.

* Learning and mastering are two different things. Just like hockey, mountain biking continues to be a work in progress. It’s the room for improvement that makes it interesting.


  1. Bubble. Wrap.

    Just leaving that here, not saying anything, but I’m saying.

    Bubble wrap.

  2. You’ve transcended mere bubble wrap. You apparently need one of these.

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