Alameda Crimson Tide

I was going to say another year, another Vegas, but I didn’t go to Vegas last year because of Horrible Stomach Bug.

Because I did get to go to Vegas this year, I wasn’t too annoyed when I started feeling sick with Icky Cold shortly after landing. Icky Cold is Icky, but at least I was in Vegas!

Meal 1: Bachi Burger

Touched down, got rental car, drove to Bachi Burger. Bone marrow jelly, foie gras, and wagyu, GIT IN MAH BELLAY!

Meal 2: Naked Fish

A few hours later, my coworker messaged me on while we were in the car looking for a place to eat, and gave us a great recommendation for dinner: Naked Fish. JalapeƱo yellowtail sashimi and miso grilled sea bass, YES.

Game 1: Phoenix Mid-Ice Crisis

Played our first game at 10:20 on Thursday night. It felt like a great matchup. We got a couple goals off mayhem in front of the other team’s net and came away with a victory. Final score: 2-0.

Meal 3: Ichiza

Ichiza, a Las Vegas tournament staple. We came here after our game, so I guess technically we came on Friday. “What did you eat there?” people would ask later in the weekend. “EVERYTHING.”

Meal 4: Monta Ramen

After taking photos at April’s Friday late morning game, we headed over to Monta Ramen for pork belly rice and gyoza and, of course, ramen. Then we walked across the parking lot for Snowflake. Cookie butter snow, AGL AGL AGL…

Game 2: Los Angeles Bad Kitty

Ooh, this was a close game. I totally don’t remember what happened now because I’m writing this 5 days late, but it was a 1 goal game the entire time.

I do remember making a bad pass, chasing down the skater who picked the puck off, accidentally tripping her, saying sorry as she fell, stopping to see if she was okay, realizing I had to go touch the puck to stop the play, skating over to touch the puck, and skating back to ask if she was okay. Because I’m not one of those meanie face D’s.

Final score: 3-2.

Meal 5: Other Mama

Another post-game tasty meal, this time at Other Mama. There was raw fish and raw beef and more raw fish and maybe even some cooked stuff. Great food and great company, partially subsidized by some guy who rear ended one of our cars earlier in the day. Thanks guy!

Game 3: Juneau Narwhals

The Alaskans! We played with a few of them in Vacaville this year, and it was good to see them again. We did better than we expected; this team looked amazing when we watched them Thursday night. Not sure what happened. Vegas, probably.

Final score: 5-1.

Meal 6: Flock & Fowl

Chinese fusion? I had some crazy tasty flavored jook that was made with… chicken fat? Or just really really good broth. Their chicken was amazing too, which is something you never hear me say. And it wasn’t fried. WAO.

Game 4: Vail Vixen

We didn’t need to win this game to make the championship, and the team we played hadn’t won a game yet. So even though we lost, I didn’t mind. I was happy for the other team, because they played well, and it’s nice to go out on a good game. I’m sure some other documentation worthy stuff happened, but I don’t remember, which I also don’t mind, because if I could pick only one thing to remember, it’s that I came away from the game happy.

Final score: 2-3.


Lucinda and I did a costume change at the rink and zipped on over to Commonwealth for an Alaskans who now live in North Carolina wedding. Wedding! It was sweet and cute and fun and a Very Nice Celebration. I marveled at how hockey made that night possible, in so many ways. And yes, I cried.

Championship: Phoenix Mid-Ice Crisis

It’s interesting how two games between the same two teams can have such different outcomes. They played a little better, we played a little worse. I think? In any case, the other team played a great game and came away with the championship: a mini Stanley Cup! They earned it; they played a great tournament, rebounding from their game 1 loss to win every subsequent game.

Final score: 0-4.

Here’s my team after the final buzzer. This pretty much sums us up:

For Arthur. Thanks April for capturing the moment.

Meal 7: Gangnam Asian BBQ Dining

Squeezed one last meal in before heading back to the airport. It was a fun, tasty weekend. :)

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