Multiculturalism FTW!

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a Tibetan singing bowl sing, or what the Most Awesomest Ugly Christmas Sweater Evars looks like, have I got a video for you!

Yes, I got a Tibetan singing bowl for Christmas. The cultural juxtaposition pleases me greatly. Thank you Steve and Candi!

This bowl gets LOUD! Louder than in the video.

Bonus: Where’s Waldo? Christmas Narwhal Edition. Find the narwhal on my dinosaur sweater.


    • Oh, and pretty sure I saw at least 2 narwhals. Could’ve been a fold in the sweater or something, though.

      • Indeed, there are multiple narwhals on this sweater. I assume whoever made this sweater thinks narwhals were dinosaurs. Heck, I used to think they were mythical sea unicorns.


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