Bulletproof Coffee

After reading about this Bulletproof Coffee thing over and over again for week and weeks… and weeks, I finally got off my butt to make it. Picked up some fresh Bella Donovan beans from Blue Bottle, fancy grass-fed German butter, and organic virgin coconut oil. (Why do they call it oil if it’s not at room temperature?)

I wanted something with some oomph, so I opted for a 2 minute inverted Aeropress brew. I also didn’t want cold coffee after the butter and blending, so I heated the water to 205°F.

As I brewed the coffee I looked at the fat in the blender cup. I wasn’t sure I wanted to be consuming that on its own, in one shot.


When the 2 minutes were up I pressed and blended. It came out looking like a latte.

I took a sip. Not bad. It had a hint of coconut to it. Creamy, not unlike my usual coffee with heavy whipping cream. My lips were pleased; every sip felt like a fresh coat of lip balm.

But the real test would be how it made me feel. Would it Supercharge My Body and Upgrade My Brain? I waited.

I had expected not to feel hungry for a bit, but I wanted food after about half an hour. What about those 228 fat calories I just consumed?!

One hour later, I was straight up ravenous. I ate to stave off a hunger headache.

That was a lot of work for not a lot of benefit. Tomorrow I’ll go back to my beloved heavy whipping cream.

Still curious? Don’t want to stockpile fancy fat? Come over and I’ll make you a cup.


  1. Admittedly, I tend to avoid anything coffee related, but that just seems excessive. In lots of ways. I can;t seem to figure out why people would melt fat in coffee? (of course, I’m still working on why Starbucks exists…)

    • For me, it’s not that different from putting milk in coffee. I do it for the fat content, which is why I don’t bother with anything less than whole milk and tend to go with heavy whipping cream.

      Extra heavy whipping cream when I can find it.

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