One thing I haven’t mentioned about Horrible Stomach Bug is that it’s preventing me from participating in my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the most funnest hockey tournament of the year. This is Doodie for the following reasons:

1. I’m bailing on my team. This is the Doodiest of all reasons.
2. I’m breaking a streak. This would have been my 11th straight year of Vegasing.
3. I don’t get to stuff myself silly on all sorts of tastiness. Instead I’m sipping Pedialyte.
4. There’s more, but I’m sick of listing Doodie.

Mostly, I am documenting this for Doodie #2, because I like streaks and that’s the kind of stuff I write about here.

I’m not sad about it, because there’s no point. Being sad doesn’t change anything. This was the case when I was out with my concussion, collarbone, etc. I mention this because people always ask if I’m sad about missing hockey. The answer is always no. I would prefer not to miss hockey, but if I have to miss it, so be it. Let’s focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t.

What I can do today is make jook. I really hope those thousand year old eggs in my fridge are still good. :)


  1. I figure you can stretch them out to 1001, maybe 1002 if your fridge is cold enough…

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