30×26 Day 31

The lock from yesterday, here it is:

I actually pick this thing one pin at a time instead of relying on the Bogota wand. I feel my way in from pin 1, then set them in order from front to back. You can hear the pins set because I’m putting a horrific amount of pressure on the tensioner, but still, it’s kind of neat to hear the pins set.

Yes, this is an actual doorknob attached to a door.
No, this is not a lock I rely on.

It’s nice to finish the month using the hook I started with on Day 1. When I made a video with it on Day 2 I was just kind of mashing the hook around in the keyway, but in today’s video I could visualize and pick specific pins.

I battled the Stubborn Master Lock a few more times, but we all know how that ends.

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