30×26 Day 27

It’s late and it’s my first moment of the day to even think about lock picking. I’m moving back to the repinnable lock to play with security pins. I have a single spooled pin in the first position right now, and while I can feel the spool catch and push past that to turn the plug I’m not seeing the plug counter-rotate like I’m supposed to.

Perhaps I’m being too heavy handed. Likely.

Hoping to have more time to play with this tomorrow.


  1. I feel your pain. I picked up a cut away padlock to see what was going on when I was picking around inside the lock, and first thing I figured out was that I was completely over setting the pins. Then I figured out I was way over torquing the tension wrench (for some locks, anyway).

    I guess I’m not the delicate flower I thought I was…

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