30×26 Day 26

Came across this lock on clearance for less than 3 bucks. This isn’t something I’d normally buy, mostly because Think Before You Pink, but this was for science! Sort of. Mostly, I bought it because it was on clearance.

25 Million Possible Combinations (TM)

Notice that the lock claims to have “OVER 25 MILLION POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS™”. What. A. Lie. They give you plastic covers with different numbers and letters on them, then claim the lock has 250 times more combinations than it really does.

It does not have 25 million possible combinations. It has 100,000.

Older iterations of this lock had 10,000 possible combinations. They were also easy to crack. Master Lock has since fixed this vulnerability by making the outer rings overlap: the left edge tucks under the right edge so that you can’t see between the rings.

How, then, to bypass the lock? It’s not shimmable, since the ball bearing that releases the shackle won’t budge unless it’s on the right combination. So you have to cut it. You can cut the shackle, or you can cut the plastic dials to reveal the painted metal dials underneath.

As with Day 24, I’m not here to break locks, so I’ll leave this one be.

I really wish this lock wasn’t pink. I’d like it a heck of a lot more.


  1. As with Day 24, I’m not here to break locks, so I’ll leave this one be.

    *cue Mission Impossible theme*
    I’m here to chew gum and pick locks. And I’m all out of gum.
    *large explosions and fighting robots ensue*

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