30×7 Complete

This past month was totally worthwhile. It actually made me more mindful throughout the day. Remember how I failed at being mindful in 30×4? I just needed a concrete reason to do it.

I thought it would be interesting to list the things I was grateful for this month. I’ll group them by size.

Little Things

4.5 years of REVERSE commute from Sunnyvale to San Ramon.
Those precious moments on a cross-continent flight when your aisle seat neighbor is in the bathroom and you get to stand and stretch.
A beautifully prepared bowl of homemade wonton noodle soup with miso broth, peas, corn, spinach, and five spice slow cooked beef. Mom made the base ingredients, Dad did the artful assembly.
That it was cold enough in Boston to require long sleeves during my entire stay.
Iced Americanos.
My giant work monitor.
Little woodland creatures outside my office window.
Happy knees.
Cool sheets.

Medium Things

Air travel.
Strolling down the Greenway with Mom and sis, taking time to sample the food trucks and admire the flowers along the way.
Getting to say thank you.
Contact lenses.
My new commute.
Foam ball.
That flakey peanut cake snack/candy/dessert I just inhaled 4 servings of.
Bikes lanes.
The internet.
My friends’ kids.
Local bike shops.
Music. Art.
Clean water.
People who see how to improve things… and act to improve it.

Big Things

The people in my life.
Growing up in the US instead of HK.
My parents.
My health.
Everyone and everything that has led me to who I am, where I am, what I do, and what I have today.
A not very fixed mindset.
Quality of life.
People and time.
Having hobbies I’m passionate about that challenge me.
My job.
Access to good food.
A busy schedule.
Witnessing happiness, love, and gratitude.

Huge Things


Not much of a surprise there. Little Things tend to be specific, Medium Things tend to be more general, Big Things define who I am, and that one Huge Thing should be pretty self explanatory.

Let’s hope I continue to be more mindful even after this month.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your posts on the little/medium/big things this month. Thanks for sharing them and inspiring the rest of us to be more mindful. :)

    • I’m glad it turned out the way it did, and especially glad that you and others were able to something out of it.

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