Some people like to whine (on, and on, and on) in person. I like to do most of it on my blog. This, of course, immortalizes me on the internet as a whiner (oh noes), but I look at it this way: It’s human to whine. It’s healthy to vent. Whining in person follows a push model; the person being whined at either has to sit through it, which is not fun and somewhat stressful, or tell the other person to quit whining, which will probably hurt their feelings. On the other hand, whining in a blog follows a pull model; if you don’t want to hear my whining, you can stop reading. Simple as that.

So no, I’m not going to stop whining here. And it’d be great if more people started blogging. It’d save us all a lot of push model whine time.

This post brought to you by the three posts immediately preceding, which were nothing but whine.


  1. It’s human to whine,
    But to vent… divine!
    I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist.
    “push model {snip} pull model.”
    Very well articulated. But… applying push/pull concept to whining?
    Has it occurred to you that you might be working too much?
    Just ;)

  2. I probably am; I’ve been dreaming about work several nights a week! Oof.

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