Are You A Spam Bot?

Blog spammers are driving me nuts. I added an extra field to the comments page to try (yet again) to thwart them. Sorry, it’s more typing for all of you, but it’s only an extra key or two. All capitalization permutations of N and NO should work… “should” being the keyword.


  1. Testing! If you can read this, “no” worked. :)

  2. nuttin to say, just wanted to see what the new field was. :-)

  3. If you answer “Yes” does it do something horrible and unspeakable to you?
    *I’m answering “No” just in case*

  4. have to see what happens if i say “yes”…
    “Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:
    I think you’re a spam bot.”
    awesomeness. okay, “no”.

  5. tag. trying “nope”
    Hah I’m Spam whoo!!

  6. Added “nope”. Testing now… :)

  7. Let’s see if “nosirreebob” works.
    Damn. I’m a spam bot.

  8. No, I *think* you’re a spam bot. ;)

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