Step one of my website integration is complete: I’m finally using I’ve imported all of my non-website bookmarks, tagged them, and made them public. And, since I’m on a blog badge kick, I added a mini linkroll to the sidebar so I could share with you my latest favorite sites. How much use that will get, I don’t know, but really, I just wanted to integrate yet another site into my blog.

Step two, which was my original reason for wanting to use, is to import all of my website links and pull from for display. Currently, I’m organizing my links in XML files and formatting them for main content and sidebar display with XSLT. It works, but maintenance is tedious. I originally designed it this way so I could play with XSLT, and because SOA hadn’t really taken off yet. But now, with the ubiquitous magic of tags and badges (APIs are nice, too, but overkill for display purposes), there’s no need to create my own system for managing and sharing most things. A big fan of SOA, I am.

All that said, let me profess here my hatred for’s inexplicable tag flakiness and single-bookmark-only editing. It took me a full week of grumpy wrestling with their site to get everything set up properly. At one point, I said about my experience, “If my applications ever make any of my users feel this way, I will have failed [as a developer].”

All this hate, you say? Whatever, it hated on me first!

Maybe some other site does link management better? I’m open to suggestions.

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