My Squished Pets

I realized this morning that I can’t keep a winged termite farm indefinitely. They’re really fun pets and they’re starting to smell funny. Today I must do the inevitable. I must squish them.

It makes me a little sad to have to do this. They seem so dopey and harmless. They get their wings stuck to the sides of the container and end up wiggling their legs in the air for hours until I free them.

But alas, I can’t let them go. They’ll fly off somewhere, get really fat, and produce a bazillion little termites to eat yet another chunk of my or someone else’s building.


*squish squish squish*

They’re really gutsy. Literally. Gross!


  1. oh yuck! hot water, not as gross. bleck.

  2. I figured squishing would provide them the quickest death. :-/

  3. Termite karma eeee

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