My New Pets

When I got home from work on Tuesday, I found a few bugs in my room. They were brown, longish, and had wings even though they weren’t able to fly. They were clumsily crawling up the walls and on the floor. I picked them up, squished them, and washed them down the drain.

When I got home from work on Wednesday, I found about fifteen of them in my room. After squishing the first few, I decided to collect them. I found a little Tupperware container in the kitchen, picked them up, dumped them in, and watched as they fluttered their clumsy wings and slipped trying to climb the plastic sides.

I decided to find out what they were. A quick search on Google pulled up pictures of bugs very closely resembling my new collection of… termites! Further Googling revealed the following:

SoopahViv: the winged ones don’t really destroy anything
SoopahViv: they’re the ones hanging out ’til they fly and reproduce in the spring
SoopahViv: why the hell were they all coming out in my room then?

It must be spring in my room.

I looked at various termite images to find out what the different types were.

SoopahViv: omg look at the queen

Big fat insect egg factories. Gross!

More Googling…

SoopahViv: “The winged forms of termites are the future queens.”
SoopahViv: EWWWWW
SoopahViv: my termites are gonna get FAT!

I kind of want to find a male termite to drop in there. Not that Tupperware is exactly the best environment for making termite babies, but I’m strangely fascinated by the fact that those little clumsy winged things can grow to a bazillion times their size. I wanna see.

And yes, Terminix is coming tomorrow.

– – –

I gave them some paper to chew on yesterday and a few drops of water today. One of them keeps crawling over to the water and plopping down in it. I moved it out of the water but it crawled right back in. I think it’s trying to drown itself.


  1. Termites need warm, moist, edible (wood or paper type stuff) surroundings to live. Supply them with that and they may be able to create a colony inside the Tupperware. (Not much different than a kids “ant farm” really) I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but one of the worst things a homeowner/renter can see is termites of any kind. Once you see them, they almost certainly already have a foothold and have done damage. Apparently from Googling, I see that they are as common in southern California as they are down here. At least they’re not fire ants…

  2. Hrm, I guess I should give more warmth and moisture.
    I’m glad I don’t own this building, and that my furniture is ultimately dispensible.
    I’m in northern California, but I don’t know whether it makes a difference to the termites.
    Fire ants sound directly and immediately nasty to my well being.

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