actually it’s 9:24:38 AM and I’m at the airport waiting for my plane to get fixed

The ticket agent at SFO today was wearing a shiny new Yakoo pin on her blazer. I said to her, “You’re from North?” She looked a little puzzled so I pointed at the pin and explained, “That’s my high school mascot.” Her face perked up and she said, “Oh, that! Someone came by and gave these to a bunch of us! We were wondering what it was!”

Whoa. Stop. Wait a minute here. Someone was going around San Francisco International Airport giving out pins of my high school mascot? My high school’s in Massachusetts, on the other side of the country. I found this a tad strange.

Anyway, I told her the mascot’s name (it’s the Yakoo if you didn’t pick that up already) and explained to her where it came from. For all of you who weren’t privileged enough to go to high school with me (where you would have learned that my nickname was at one point Metalhead), here’s the story. Many years back there was a student there by the name of Allan Yacubian (thus, the name Yakoo). He had a big nose. They decided to model the mascot after him (or, rather, his nose), paint it red, give it an axe and a couple feathers, and make pins and stuff out of it. So now you know.

And knowing is half the battle.

Aug 2, 2001… Click here for a picture of the pin.

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