No Plane QA!

9:40:23 AM… still waiting

Yes, my last post header said I’m waiting for the plane to be fixed. Now some of you might think, “Eeek! You’re gonna fly in something that didn’t fly 30 minutes ago?” Um… yeah. I guess. What choice do I have?

Actually, that brings up a good question. If they work on a plane at the gate, they will board the passengers once they declare the problem “fixed”. But they don’t test it first! How do we know it really flies??

Okay, now I’m worried.

But this whole situation also reminds me of an experience I had a couple years ago:

Pilot comes on the intercom on the plane…

“Folks, we can’t get one of our engines to start so we’re gonna have the ground crew start it manually.”

Ground crew arrives.
Ground crew works on plane.
Big cloud of black smoke comes from engine.

“All right, that should do it. Don’t worry, we won’t need to start it again. We’ll be pushing back in a few minutes.”

Don’t you just love air travel?

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