Panda Search Party

Surprise midweek bonus hockey! Subbed for the Team That Does Not Cheer at the Rink That Smells Like Benihana. I searched for Panda there because I’d heard that’s where he was last seen, but nothing.

Played a super fun back and forth game all the way into overtime. And then we won! Hoorah.

Final score: 3-2

Never Say No To A Funeral Pyre

I mused amusingly upon Panda’s fate before today’s game. I hoped aloud that someone found Panda and is taking him on a world tour, capturing pictures along the way, filling a most exciting Instagram stream with their adventures.

“And then at the end they burn him,” volunteered Jilly. I was horrified.

“Like a funeral pyre,” said Felicia. I was sold.

We may never know what happened to Panda, but I sure as hell hope to find him all over the internet one day.

Played my last game with this team tonight. A bunch of us retaped our sticks and it led to goals. Because fresh tape is the secret to goals. I taped a goal and an assist into mine.

I’m finally playing enough to move my feet, and it resulted in a much better game than usual. Too bad I’m about to take a week off from all things sprinty.

Final score: 3-2. It felt great to finish with a win.


My First Simon

At lunch yesterday we talked about some of our very first programs. People lamented over how they’re lost forever.

Except mine aren’t lost. I have a thing about data. I’ve kept every bit I’ve generated since high school*, backed up in triplicate.

So I found my BASIC files from freshman year of high school. This morning I tried to view them.

Crap, they’re not text files.

ff87 1205 008f 2020 5649 5649 414e 204b
414d 2035 2d38 2d39 3200 9012 0700 b920
fe94 009c 120a 00c0 203a 20c9 20dd 00d3
120f 00ca 200f 192c 0f1a 203a 20bf 2018
2c11 203a 2091 2022 5072 6573 7320 616e

Luckily, I had saved a copy of GWBASIC.EXE alongside the files.

But it wouldn’t run on Windows 10.

DOSBox to the rescue! After a quick install, some time with the GW-BASIC manual, and a small edit to the code, I could once again play My First Simon**:

I couldn’t have told you what this game looked like yesterday, but it was sooo familiar once I got it to run.

I didn’t remember this, probably because I hadn’t yet experienced more modern alternatives, but editing code in GW-BASIC makes Notepad feel ultra advanced.

This code is a quarter of a century old. It’s pretty cool that it’s still mostly runnable on a home PC.

* Sadly, I never got to take my 5th grade Logo code home on a floppy.

** My Second Simon looks like this.

Rest Day


Something of a quarterfinal matchup against the number two seed, who unfortunately (for them) had only 6 players show. We had a very comfortable 11, and wore the other team down over the course of the game. Played D with Nora, which worked out super awesome. Final score: 6-3.

Unfortunately for me, I have to miss our semifinal matchup next week. I’ll return in two weeks to play either for exercise, or for the Stanley Keg.


Saturday, day 4 of hockey hockey hockey hockey. Super late night Olympic ice subbing. Scored and scored and scored and scored and no OT! Thank goodness, because it was 1:30 AM by the time I got home. And half an hour later the clock hit 3 AM.

Final score: 5-1.

I had wondered what playing on different ice dimensions every game would be like. For the most part, it doesn’t matter. The biggest difference is the passing, but as far as skating goes, I don’t really feel the difference. Frannie pointed out that the last Olympic ice I skated on was probably at altitude, which is why I thought it was giant. Turns out it’s not so bad!

Panda Está Perdido

Friday, day 3 of hockey hockey hockey hockey. Never Say No To Panda on NHL regulation sized Fremont ice. Played a fun close game and went into… overtime! Then lost it. Ahhh!! My post-regulation luck ran out.

No one seems to know where Panda is. He was last seen at Vallco the weekend I was in Colorado.

Adiós Panda. :(


Thursday, day 2 of hockey hockey hockey hockey. Playoffs at larger than Vallco but still oddly shaped Ice Oasis. Pretty much the same as every other Thursday, except people got more mad at each other than usual. We built up an early lead, totally lost it, remained tied through overtime, and finally won in a shootout. Final score: 5-4.

The best part of the game was the shootout. It’s entertaining to see who jumps on and what they do. This is true of most unmanaged shootouts, but extra true on Thursday nights.

Wednesday Wreckage

Wednesday, day 1 of hockey hockey hockey hockey. Subbed into a super fun forward line at teeny tiny Vallco. Lots of great plays… but didn’t manage to score until overtime. Bonus ice and excitement! Finished with a final second assist. Final score: 4-3.

Smashed my knee again. Laaaaame.

Wrecked for Thursday. Late night midweek games are rough.

Let’s Share Bullets

I’m trying to incorporate more Spanish into my day. This means in addition to watching children’s videos (Pocoyo is totes adorbs), I’ve started working out to Latino hip hop.

Things I learned to say today: “Let’s share bubbles!” and “There are a lot of bullets.”

Words for every situation.


Bonus weekend sub hockey! Got to play with B1 today. What a treat! Got to skate on a forward line with Anne for he first time in a year. WHAT A TREAT! Seriously, what have I done to deserve such good fortune? Finished with a goal and two assists, because that’s what happens when I get to skate with Anne. Magic.

Playing forward is FAST. It’s faster than Thursday night randomness, Panda D, and certainly faster than pond hockey. We rolled the lines quickly and even though I was winded it was so exhilarating to play with that kind of flow and pace. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been on a line that clicked.

Final score: 4-2. Winning is nice too.